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Ways of holistic medicine

The human organism is a complex system that can only be understood holistically. This is more important when functional disorders occur: Instead of fighting symptoms such as pain, allergies, exhaustion or lack of sleep, the causes that throw the system off balance must be identified and treated.

Tradition and experience

Wegamed GmbH, based in Essen, builds on over 25 years of experience in the developments of diagnostic and therapeutic devices for the practice. Under the direction of Peter Mölleney, a fifth generation physician with his own naturopathic practice, wegamed continues the tradition of Vega Grieshaber KG. Continuous further development in collaboration with engineers and research institutions has created a new type of device for effective diagnosis and successful treatment without side effects.


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Training and service

wegamed offers doctors and therapists a holistic concept for their practice: the wegamed Academy supports you comprehensively – from advice on investment decisions to training on the effective use of the devices to the strategic development of economical practical concepts. Thanks to a sales network in 25 countries as well as service, maintenance and repairs by our own technicians, wegamed is a reliable partner to more than 8,000 doctors, therapists and health facilities across Europe.

Diagnosis in dialogue with the organism

Our diagnostic devices with medical approval in Germany (DIMDI) and many other countries open up a new diagnostic dimension far beyond the possibilities of classic examination methods: The Vegatest method and other products developed by wegamed GmbH use electrography and bioimpedance measurement, the information on disorders, organ stress, chronic diseases and inflammation sources in the body and that quickly, effectively and reliably within a few minutes. In this way, you enter into an intensive dialogue with your patient’s organism – and, as a doctor or therapist, you remain challenged with all your knowledge.



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The devices we produce for therapy and diagnosis are certified according to Class 2A and CE marked as a medical product. This means that all devices have been tested for the highest safety standards and medical effectiveness in accordance with current requirements.

Scientific recognition is pending. Therefore, the devices may only be used to support conventional medical measures. A clinical evaluation through studies is available.


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