Prefit bodyscan

Scans the athlete´s body and show it´s reactions and weaknesses. A constitutional muscle analysis determining the ideal training time and individual fitness and nutritional advice is provided quickly.

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Fitness-Check in Only 8 Minutes

Prefit Bodyscan

Sports and good nutrition represent the basis for a healthy life. Prefit Bodyscan helps personal trainers in fitness studios and sports clubs, as well as physiotherapists, to provide expert guidance for their customers. Within only 10 minutes, the diagnostic device „scans“ central functions of the body, holistically and fully automatically. Based on wegamed’s specialist medical knowledge and experience, it automatically identifies weak points and make concrete recommendations.

Medical Functions

Prefit Bodyscan examines how quickly energy reserves are tapped during training. On the basis of this dynamic variable, fitness goals can be modified and efficiency increased. The calculation of the body mass index (BMI) and of the optimal pulse frequency, as also of the best time of day for training allow further improvements. And finally, the analysis of the nutritional and liquids balance allow dietary suggestions to be made.

The analysis of the muscular system’s composition is the basis for a body graph which reveals strained muscles and weak points along the backbone and joints. This is of particular benefit to physiotherapists and their patients. In addition, the analysis of the acid-base balance provides important information about how to avoid the risk of injury.

Satisfied Customers and Sports Club Members

Prefit Bodyscan extends your service range in your surgery or sports facilities providing more competence and service for your customers, patients and members: The information gained is comprehensive and individual, indications and recommendations can be printed out – making training healthier and safer, and allowing progress to be monitored continually.