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Med select activates the body´s self-healing powers through the bodies own vibrations. The therapy can be applied to a variety of conditions including allergies, skin issues, circulation problems and pain.

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Activates Self-Healing through Bioresonance Therapy

Chronic illnesses, acute infections or pain mostly occur when the organism has lost the capacity to self-regulate. Med select steers the organism’s regulation back into the right channels through bioresonance therapy – in the most modern form which is technically possible today. The treatment no longer involves ampoules or substances. Instead, biological transmission frequencies replicate their effect and pass the clearing signal on to the patient. Med Select provides therapeutic strategies which are directly geared to an individual patient’s reactive capacity, metabolic and stress situation.

Tried and Tested Medical Functions and Innovations

The new development of Med Select combines tried and tested, successful systems information therapy processes with technological innovations from the Wegamed company. The biological effect of the device is backed by insights from the fields of physiology and biochemistry, as from research into stress and the metabolic system.

First of all, the patient’s internal vibration signal is temporarily stored in the device. The new internal frequency store (IF) represents the unique heart of Med Select. The integrated Vega-Duplex storage technology (VDS) comes from Test expert plus; accompanying VDS libraries provide access to over 2500 ampoules or biological frequency signals. These low-frequency resonance vibrations correspond to the fundamental frequencies of organs and cells. This is the way that the actual clearing signal is transmitted to organs and cells.

The purity and natural intensity of the vibration signal is guaranteed by the principle of vibration recording via two electrodes. Used for 15 years, it has found experimental confirmation at the Institute for Biophysics under Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig in Horb. The recording of vibrations, as the therapy itself, is bipolar. This is especially necessary for the transmission of clearing signals via magnetic fields in order to create dynamic magnetic fields on the storage medium.

User Friendly and Cost Saving

Med select is not only highly innovative in medical terms but also in terms of application. Control via a touch screen and self-explanatory menus mean that background knowledge is not necessary. Thanks to VDS there is no need to carry out costly and sensitive tests or use therapy sets (ampoules).

The programme and ampoules are always up-to-date due to the functions for adding, saving, deleting and re-naming. Import and export facilitate an exchange with colleagues. Predefined programmes mean the device can be put to use immediately. It is possible to select frequencies instead of ampoules, to add or remove certain signals from the initial container and to reactivate the metabolism.

Med select is worthwhile: It reduces paper work, saves time and cuts costs in your surgery. And the patient receives a bioresonance therapy with the latest technology – customized and fast, simply efficient.

by the by – this product is compatible with our SI-Card

SI (system information) cards provide your patients with an especially pleasant accompanying treatment form, free of side-effects: The card contains complex electromagnetic information/frequencies. The patient can wear the card quite comfortably – perhaps in a sock or in the chest pocket of a shirt. A magnetic field with the stored information directly around the SI card then promotes the healing process.

Many Possible Uses

SI cards function on the basis of magnetic field vibrations. These bring metabolic cell activity back into line with the cell’s own magnetic vibrations. This improves the absorption of nutrients and oxygen, the breakdown of toxins and waste products: The healing process is accelerated and/or pain reduced.

Comfortable and Cost-effective

Given that SI cards can be worn so easily without side-effects, they are especially suitable for children. Patients can also save money because using the card reduces the need for additional medication.

Note:In order to prepare the SI card with therapeutic information, one of the following wegamed devices must be available: