Med audiocolor

The Med. audiocolor allows for a variety of uses: · Promotion of the ability to concentrate · Increase in creativity · Help with sleep disorders or tiredness · Improvement of general well-bein.

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Realtime neurofeedback-therapy controlled with colour and tone

We are delighted to present the new Med audiocolor. A realtime reurofeedback device – the first of its kind. The device is mobile applicable for it can be used in connection with any Windows pc. In addition to new applications the solid programs of the former Med audiocolor have been included:

1. Combination of the healing effekt of colour and tone as substitutional therapy.

2. Application of 12 colours in colour-tone combination visualized as logical further development.

3. Continuously variable combination of polar colours and tone (acc. Goethe und Cousto).

4. Fundamental tone therapy in different octaves.

5. Precursor of other therapies or stand alone application.

The effect

Med audiocolor makes many applications possible:

  • ·  Promotes ability to concentrate
  • ·  Improvement of creativity
  • ·  Promotes sleep and helps fatique
  • ·  Promotes well being

For therapists it efficiently can be used indication related with over 50 different programs.

Got curious?
We now offer a suscription price. Please contact our team for consultaion with the developer.

The Med audiocolor is solely a product for wellness and no medical product![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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