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Advisory analysis after one only measurement: Check medical sport checks the patients in the truest sense of the word from the head to the toe. The device shows defects in the body, produces a summary evaluation and provides suggestions from therapy.

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A Health Check in New Dimensions

Do your patients sometimes complain about pain but you as the doctor or therapist are unable to provide any clinical explanation? This is a situation medical professionals are facing more and more often; “Functional disorders” is the explanation then given: The symptoms are rooted in focal inflammation, hidden or chronic illnesses and allergies. Here orthodox methods of examination such as ECG, x-ray, scans and CT fail to lead to results.

Fully Automatic Diagnosis

Check medical sport begins where orthodox medicine stops. The unique diagnostic device operates holistically: Using six electrodes attached to the patient’s body, it records the patient’s electrical parameters from head to toe – in an uncomplicated and fully automatic process and in only 8 minutes. If results deviate from the norm, this gives an indication of some dysfunction.

Scientific Basis

Check medical sport can recognise the characteristics of this deviation on the basis of many years of experience in the tradition of segment electrography: wegamed was able to further develop scientific findings first made by the Institute for Occupational and Social Medicine at the University of Heidelberg and at the Specialist Clinic for Lung Research, Württemberg/Hollenzollern.

A New Dimension in Diagnosis

The result is an instrument which heralds the beginning of a new era in diagnostic methods. In the form of area diagnosis, the device locates interference fields and reveals their position in a body graph. So medical professionals and therapists gain an overview of a patient’s state of health and initial suggestions for diagnosis.

Use in Sports

Moreover, Check medical sport can measure energy reserves and the acid-base balance and evaluate further sports-related data to optimise fitness and training.

On the basis of this first diagnosis, further steps for treatment can be selected. Their effectiveness can again be controlled by Check medical sport.