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Dear Sir or Madam,

to help you and your patients, we have developed new updates for the Test expert plus and the Med select against Covid-19 which among other changes include the vaccinations from Biontech, AstraZeneca, Johnson&Johnson and Moderna. Below you will find the latest software versions of our devices.

All new innovations, updates and also the mandatory inspections of the device require the latest software versions. If your device’s software version is too old and cannot be updated anymore, you need a new circuit board or the device has to be retired since according to MedGV a device which does not pass the manufacturers inspection, cannot be used on a patient.

Check medical sport: V5.09 (automatic repeat function added)

all software-versions older than 3.0 have to be updated at our facilities in Essen.

Test expert plus: V6.20 (required for technical and safety-technical inspections)

VDS1-Card: V6.20 (required for technical and safety-technical inspections)

VDS1/SRT-Card: V6.20   (required for technical and safety-technical inspections)

WDS1-Card: V6.26 (Corona programs + vaccinations + additional Nosodes)

The software versions of both the device and the VDS1-Card have to be the same!

Med series control unit: V6.12 (optional master files + vaccination drainage)

all software-versions older than 4.0 have to be updated at our facilities in Essen.

Med audiocolor: V4.06 (new synthesizer, new 3D-graphics, neurofeedback and audiocolor combined, brain frequencies added.)

PC-Software: V5.026.2 (elimination of Bugs)

The older your device and its software version, the more expensive and time consuming the repair will be. It also increases the risk of your device having to be retired when it cannot be updated anymore.

Update your device now and take advantage of our currently reduced update costs!

Please check the software versions of your devices and contact us for further details at info@wegamed.de or under +49 201 18556810

Best Regards

wegamed gmbh

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