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Ways of holistic medicine

The human organism is a complex system that can only be understood holistically. This is more important when functional disorders occur: Instead of fighting symptoms such as pain, allergies, exhaustion or lack of sleep, the causes that throw the system off balance must be identified and treated.

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Healthy with wegamed in 2022

With this in mind, we hope that you had a good and successful start to the new year. During our company holidays we also replenished our reserves and are now looking forward to starting the year 2022 together with you. Be curious – we have big plans for the new year. We will publish our seminar and workshop dates for the year 2022 shortly. Also this year it will still be possible to take part in our events on site or in the Zoom Meeti…

We wish you a merry christmas and a happy healthy new year.

The last days of 2021 are numbered and a turbulent year is drawing to a close.Who would have thought this year would turn out like this?It’s time to say thank you. Thank you for showing us your confidence again this year and for walking through this extraordinary time with us. We wish you a merry christmas and a healthy happy new year. From January 3rd, 2022, we can be reached for medical emergencies by email at info@wegamed.de. Deadline…

International seminar -last opportunity to register

Do you already use all the possibilities of your devices or your expertise?Invest only four days of your precious free time to fully exploit your potential and to be able to help as many of your patients as possible. Register now!!! Information & registration

International seminar

Intensive learning of complementary medicine from practioneer to practioneer. Information & registration

COVID19 and the virus mutations in naturopathic practice.

After a 1 ½ years with various measures against the spread of COVID19 and the virus mutations, it is certainly time to discuss the usefulness of these measures – but this is not our focus. How can we accompany our patients through this time? Our patients are completely insecure and are driven by their fears to make decisions that may fundamentally change their lives. How do we deal with this in complementary medicine? Social isolation…



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The devices we produce for therapy and diagnosis are certified according to Class 2A and CE marked as a medical product. This means that all devices have been tested for the highest safety standards and medical effectiveness in accordance with current requirements.

Scientific recognition is pending. Therefore, the devices may only be used to support conventional medical measures. A clinical evaluation through studies is available.


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