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For Therapists

The Concept

Wegamed offers 2 concepts for working with the patient

  • wegamed detox concept (described here)

  • wegamed-Wellness-concept

The wegamed detox concept was specially designed for medical practices, spa & beauty oases, fitness studios, sports clubs in order to achieve the following with your customers:

  • Detox to improve performance and productivity

  • Increase in customer satisfaction

  • Creation of higher recovery potential

  • A new concept for individual detox management (personal training)

In order to achieve this goal we offer you:

  • A unique combination of diagnostic and therapeutic devices, developed in accordance with the highest standards (ISO, CE, FDA …)

  • Detailed and thorough training of your staff and various hotlines

  • Regular updates

  • Local and international seminars through the in-house academy

The unique detox concept offers the ideal addition to your practice. Recreate your space and complement it with a very successful detox offer. By combining individual diagnostic and therapy devices, you can create an oasis of detoxification in just a few square meters.



The concept consists of a combination of coordinated devices. Each of these devices is designed for a specific task area, which have individual specifications. The use of the individual devices is simple and can be carried out by anyone.



Let your employees carry out the concept while you take care of more important events and are only available for advice.



Create a new lucrative source of income for which you only have to invest a little time.


In just a few steps you can optimize your well-being and increase your performance, from diagnosis to basic detoxification and mental training.

  • 1st step: overview diagnosis

    In just 8 minutes you get information about the regulation ability, resilience, regeneration ability, training effectiveness, as well as oxidation and the acid-base balance.

  • 2nd step: basic therapy

    Detoxification of the connective tissue via the reflex zone of the skin on the entire back, in connection with organ frequencies and supporting programs or cell mediators.

  • 3rd step: mental training

    Support of physical detoxification through the use of colors and sound, in which the activation and regeneration of the left and right hemispheres are stimulated via programs or individual NFT (neurofeedback).

  • 4th step: Supportive detoxification

    Activation of detoxification via foot reflex zones through the use of a foot bath that works with salts and alternating electrical fields.

  • 5th step: Support for regeneration and detoxification

    Through nano-nebulization, substances such as hyaluron, ubiquinone (Q10) or salt from the Dead Sea can be converted into tiny particles, which are absorbed through the patient’s skin during or after the detox process, which make a massive contribution to regeneration and detoxification.

earning opportunities

We are here for you even after your purchase!

We are always at your disposal for further training and support. Thanks to our hotlines, we are always there for you, whether you have technical questions or are also looking for medical advice or opinions.

Our qualified consultants and doctors will be happy to help you.

You can refinance your investment with just one customer per week!

Bronze Package


1x Check medical sport Diagnosis
2x Basic therapy Med matrix (including massages)
2x Mental training Med audiocolor
2x Supportive detoxificatio Detox foot bath
1x Nanoverneblung


a total of 1.000€ / month
with 4 registrations / month

Gold Packages


2x Check medical sport Diagnosis
4x Basic therapy Med matrix (including Massages)
4x Mental training Med audiocolor
4x Supportive detoxification Detox foot bath
2x Nanoverneblung


a total of 1.600€ / month
with 4 registrations / month

Silber Packages


1x Check medical sport Diagnosis
3x Basic therapy Med matrix (including massages)
3x Mental training Med audiocolor
3x Supportive detoxification Detox foot bath
1x Nanoverneblung


a total of 1.200€ / month
with 4 registrations / monat


wegamed gmbh
Am Zehnthof 189
D-45307 Essen

+49 (0) 201 185568-10
+49 (0) 201 185568-30

The devices we produce for therapy and diagnosis are certified as Class 2A and are marked with the CE symbol as medical devices. This means that all devices are tested to meet the highest safety standards and demonstrate medical effectiveness according to current requirements.
Scientific recognition is pending. Therefore, the devices may only be used to support conventional medical measures. A clinical evaluation through studies has been conducted.

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