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COVID19 and the virus mutations in naturopathic practice.

After a 1 ½ years with various measures against the spread of COVID19 and the virus mutations, it is certainly time to discuss the usefulness of these measures – but this is not our focus.

How can we accompany our patients through this time?

Our patients are completely insecure and are driven by their fears to make decisions that may fundamentally change their lives. How do we deal with this in complementary medicine?

Social isolation – for both young and old. This will keep us busy for a long time in practice and one of the other topics in our newsletter.

Vaccinate? Yes or no?

It’s not about answering that question. Rather, it is about what can I, as a therapist, do so that the untested side effects are alleviated or even avoided.

We cannot prevent the side effects either, but we can record the avoidable symptoms and neutralize them with homeopathic mixtures and bioresonance therapy.

On the one hand, one should deal with the similarity of COVID19 and the plague in order to record the main symptoms. Furthermore, there is a psychological meaning for all symptoms.

If you look at these two findings together and mix a nosode to neutralize the ingredients of the vaccination, you get a very good and effective means of protecting your patients.

Use a test with the Test expert plus to rule out cross-infection with influenza, malaria, scarlet fever and EBV or expand your nosode accordingly.

Then strengthen the organs involved to provide support – an individual and effective remedy has emerged.

If your patient decides to have a vaccination, the original vaccination vial or the digital signal of the vaccine in the device is used to produce the nosode or the homeopathic dilution. In this way, the most serious side effects can be avoided or alleviated.

With these measures, you continue to act as a competent partner in the complementary area. They work synonymously in terms of health and not against it.

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