Practical from the ground up: Based on 25 years of experience, our academy provides you with the knowledge you need to safely use our diagnostic and therapy devices. From the basics for daily use to detailed knowledge about the most economical use – your success is our goal!


In our seminars, beginners acquire the competence for their daily work with the devices with a tried and tested combination of information and practice – and a lot more: From billing to effective personnel deployment on the devices, no questions remain unanswered for you.


Do you already have experience with our devices and would like to delve deeper into the functionality and possible applications? In our professional courses you will find a forum for the sustainable and intensive exchange of experience and knowledge among experts.


Confident handling of diagnostic and therapeutic devices is the be-all and end-all in order to arouse and strengthen the necessary trust in the patient. You will learn the safe handling of our modern medical technology in our seminars in theory and practice. Much better and more intensive than from a manual or a short online training course.

International-Seminars 11-15.11.2022 (information)

Do you already use all the possibilities of your devices or your expertise?

Invest only four days of your precious free time to fully exploit your potential and to be able to help as many of your patients as possible.

Learn and deepen a concept from wegamed gmbh that has been used successfully around the world.

  • Overview diagnosis: get an Overview of regeneration and free capacities of your patients in no time to treat successfully or prevent in time
  • Basics of the interdisciplinary disciplines
  • Differential Diagnostic Techniques: Identify the Origin
    and causal chains of a disease or as prophylaxis
  • Detoxification options for immune modulation and
    Stabilization of the defense against infection
  • Neutralization of allergens, vaccination loads and toxins with
    proven protocols
  • Mental balance to restore inner balance
  • Techniques for eliminating and neutralizing toxins, vaccinations etc.
  • Creation of individual test or therapy protocols
    Learning the connections between the whole diagnosis for a successful therapy
  • Discussion of own patient cases to deepen what has been learned

Trust in our 35 years of practical experience, which enables us to use a broad portfolio of approved medical products.

During these 4 days you will become part of a successful therapist community and learn from the successes of other therapists at the same time. With these great approaches you will learn new ways to effectively help your patients and especially those stressed by COVID19.

Seminar fees
Participation on site: € 599.00 plus VAT.
Participation via zoom: € 399.00 plus VAT.

Contact us by phone on +49201 18556810 or by email at
Our team is at your disposal for your questions and registration.


From practice for practice: the wegamed workshops are the ideal way to deepen your knowledge of handling our products and to exchange ideas with other users. As a service for you, we regularly send out invitations to interested customers to workshop dates, where you can discuss and try out special cases from your everyday life in small groups – of course, under the guidance and moderation of our experts.



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The devices we produce for therapy and diagnosis are certified according to Class 2A and CE marked as a medical product. This means that all devices have been tested for the highest safety standards and medical effectiveness in accordance with current requirements.

Scientific recognition is pending. Therefore, the devices may only be used to support conventional medical measures. A clinical evaluation through studies is available.


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