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After winter is before pollinosis

Support your patients now so that they can get through the stressful pollen season as carefree as possible.

In spring and summer, many patients suffer from allergies, they cannot take advantage of the nice weather, but stay at home plagued by symptoms.

An allergy is just a symptom that worries our patients a lot. If the causes are sensibly analyzed, hidden stresses inside the system are uncovered again and again and can be treated permanently without side effects.

Learn the effective diagnostic options and their therapeutic approaches from phytotherapy to bioresonance and other detoxification methods to gently help the patient to improve their quality of life.

Benefit from our 35 years of experience and our developments, which have proven their medical effectiveness through the medical CE mark. The wegamed gmbh is also certified according to

ISO 13485:2016 and all products are developed and produced in Germany.

Would you like to find out more about the options available to you as a therapist? Arrange your non-binding consultation appointment today and find out more about our holistic concepts.

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The devices we produce for therapy and diagnosis are certified as Class 2A and are marked with the CE symbol as medical devices. This means that all devices are tested to meet the highest safety standards and demonstrate medical effectiveness according to current requirements.
Scientific recognition is pending. Therefore, the devices may only be used to support conventional medical measures. A clinical evaluation through studies has been conducted.

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