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Unfortunately, our hope that the situation on the procurement market with regard to availability and prices would ease over the course of 2022 was not fulfilled. On the contrary – in the last few weeks we have again had to deal with rigorous and short-term price increases.

These price increases affect all levels of our operations.

A constant price policy is important to us.

For nine years we have not raised the prices for our diagnostic and therapy devices despite the ever-increasing production costs. With a few exceptions, we have also been able to keep the prices of the accessories stable over the years.

Unfortunately, the current situation is forcing us to adjust the prices accordingly. As of October 1st, 2022, we expect a price increase of up to 10% depending on the product.

Our offers remain unaffected by the price adjustment within the scope of the validity of the offer.

So secure your diagnostic or therapy device now at the current price.

Our trained employees will be happy to advise you individually on0201 18556810 or by e-mail

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The devices we produce for therapy and diagnosis are certified as Class 2A and are marked with the CE symbol as medical devices. This means that all devices are tested to meet the highest safety standards and demonstrate medical effectiveness according to current requirements.
Scientific recognition is pending. Therefore, the devices may only be used to support conventional medical measures. A clinical evaluation through studies has been conducted.

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