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Interview mit Peter Mölleney – Gründer und Geschäftsführer des Unternehmens Wegamed zur Entgiftung von Zellen

Dr. Mölleney, founder and CEO of the Wegamed Medical Technology Company, has launched a new concept for innovative scanning and therapy methods using medical technology. Can you please tell us more about your medical experience and the moment  you decided to integrate the complementary medicine experience into your medical knowledge and practice?

I wanted to bring together the knowledge of conventional medicine and complementary medicine after studying osteopathy, chiropractic, traditional Chinese medicine and psychotherapy, and I could do this for a southern German company called Vega Medicine. At the beginning, I bought my own equipment and I worked for more than 17 years at this company, and in 2007 I bought all the rights to the company, thus making it my intention to streamline medical practices with the help of technology. Over the past 5 years, we’ve changed the medical perspective to some extent and created a competence center focusing  on detoxification, because over 30 years of experience in our own clinic revealed that most people have problems then when it comes to eliminating toxins, so they need our medical support.

What can you tell us about this innovative detoxification technology? What is its working principle?

I am a physician, I have studied complementary and conventional medicine and come from the field of sports performance. This is one of the reasons why I was looking for a technology that I can use both for preventive purposes , but also to detect future illnesses. Following this idea, we have developed a diagnostic tool that is based on electro-stimulation from one point to another in the body. When electricity can pass through the body from one point to another everything is fine, but if it can not pass, then something is wrong. This is the principle.

What is the difference between conventional and complementary medicine perspectives ?

The difference between classical medicine and what we do is that we analyze the functional body, not the diseased body. Because whenever you go to a doctor, you do it because you are sick or there is a problem, and when you do not encounter these problems, you are told that you are healthy. We do the opposite. When electricity can not pass through the body, we say that you are not healthy. We analyze, and the therapy we are doing is one that helps bring you to the point where that energy can pass through your body. In Chinese medicine, if this does not happen, needles are used to make the energy pass through. Of course, we do not follow this philosophy, but we were working on the physical side. We have a device called MedMatrix, which is a combination of electrotherapy and bioresonance, this way we can mobilize and neutralize toxins.

Can you share the experience you had with the two famous football teams: AC Milan and the National Football team of Hungary? What did you do for them? How did you help them?

Dr. Peter Mölleney is a lifeguard, swimmer and professional football player. Becoming myself in the sport field, a few years ago I was contacted by the AC Milan team for a two-player medical check-up. After checking, I told the two of them that they would suffer injuries and two months after the prediction, the players were injured exactly as I said, and that was the time when I started to build a specially designed device of this football team, to be used for preventive medicine; we divided the players into two groups, the first followed our detoxification and training protocol, and the second followed the old protocols. After two months, players in the first group did not get injured at all, while the second group had the same problems as in the past; the whole team then followed our concept and thus managed to win the Champions League, becoming the first team to win this trophy having the older players – I think it is the best result anyone can have. We are currently working with FIFA Hungary, and this involves scanning and checking young players to identify the level of stress in their lives and to offer them the best medical support and recommendations before suffering any injuries, so it’s a collaboration with rather focusing on prevention.

Can you tell us more about the machines used in these techniques?

In this concept, we use several types of devices. One is used for scanning and it is called Check Medical. With its help, we scan the entire body within eight minutes, identifying the body’s ability to regulate, but the most important aspect is the ability to detoxify the organs. When the organs do not work properly (and this is true in over 80% of cases), we can support the detoxification process, and in this case we use the two therapy devices together: Med Matrix and Detox FootBath.

Are the devices tested and medically approved?

Of course.  All appliances are medical devices, they have EU certifications, we are very proud to have received the latest certification two weeks ago.

We know that you have established competence centers around the world, are clinics that follow the concept and use Wegamed technology for investigations and therapy. Will you set up such a center in Romania?

As for detoxification centers already existing in Europe, the first one was opened in southern Germany, but we also founded others in the USA, in India, and now we turn our attention to Romania, where we found an ideal partner to establish the first cellular detox and reset center  using Wegamed medical technology.

Who is Wegamed’s partner in Romania?

In Romania, for the beginning, we will open a detoxification center. Our long-term goal is to establish here a medical competence center that will be built within an existing company, and from that moment on we will have a well-prepared competence center that will successfully integrate the perspectives of conventional medicine with those of complementary medicine that can assist detox centers in this process. Our partner in Romania is Quantica 720 cellular detox and reset clinic. Following intense training this year with the medical team of Quantica 720 clinic, which has already experienced detoxification, will become the Wegamed Medical Center this year. We are well acquainted with its founder, Bogdan Prajisteanu, who brought to Romania energy medicine equipment from Germany and Switzerland, actioning on a cellular level and this is one of the reasons why I am here. We have held in Germany and in Romania equipment session trainings for the whole team so that people can benefit from our full experience and that the effect of the therapies will be felt for a long time. In October, we are organizing an intensive 5-days international seminar in Germany to strengthen medical knowledge, as well as presenting resolved case studies in all countries that we exist in.


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